Unique Accessories for Unique Girls!!!

The Mean Girl Accessories 666 was born of necessity that I had in finding different accessories and Originals I started to make some pieces that sold in my shop and then I starting creating some pieces for my friends, I began to customize and create the parts for my clients and when I realized, had a rather large collection of accessories … Today I am very proud of all the pieces I made and I can say I love them all, and even have difficulty in separating them myself, because I feel a bit me, go away
All pieces are unique and original as the girls who wear them.
The Mean Girl 666 also makes clothing and transforms everything into unique pieces and originals!
The materials used are varied, from recycled materials, new, used, bought in Portugal and also in the rest of the world.
I guarantee that you do not find anything like it around the world …. only copy of my pieces, as has already happened
Mean Girl 666 Accessories handmade in hell for Good & Bad Girls!

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